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Today, it’s more common than ever to be gifted (or give!) a Personalized Item. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or other special occasions, these Custom Presents can make a memory far more special compared to generic options found on store shelves.

And, thanks to advancements in modern technology, it’s easier than ever to create fully Customizable Gifts using nothing but your smart device. From creating a Custom-Made Hoodie with your pet’s face on it to a Phone Case plastered with pictures of your friends, the possibilities are endless.

ASDF Print is dedicated to helping you take advantage of this opportunity. Regardless of who it’s for, we’re providing customers worldwide with the tools they need to make truly thoughtful gifts.

Best Personalized Gift Store - ASDF Print - Located in Tokyo, Japan

Who is ASDF Print?

Hi there! My name is Danny, and I’m the founder of ASDF Print.

Established in 2019, we are a small business ran by a task force of remote freelances located across various countries, with a marketing & financial team based in Tokyo, Japan. We’re also working with a diverse range of global manufactures who can be found in locations like the U.S., E.U., U.K., Mexico, and China. We’re expecting this list to continue expanding!

Best Personalized Gift Store - ASDF Print - Founder Danny Chou

How Did ASDF Print Start?

The road to ASDF Print’s establishment was an interesting one, heavily influenced by the wonders of online media and internet culture.

In early 2017, I found myself inspired by the craze surrounding internet memes. You know, all the good ones, like Grumpy Cat. During that time, funny cat and dog videos were spreading like wildfire across online spaces — people were crazy about those silly little pets! You couldn’t visit more than three websites without coming across at least one meme about a pet.

Best Personalized Gift Store - ASDF Print - Funny Cat Meme

It wasn’t long before this fascination led to my “lightbulb” moment, encouraging me to wonder: “What if I could print the faces of people’s pets onto a Personalized Hoodie? Something that would include a funny design inspired by all of those memes?”

Best Personalized Gift Store - ASDF Print - Funny Meme Hoodie

I quickly began trying to create an answer to that question.

I worked day and night, striving like crazy to make it work. Dedicating over 16 hours every day to this passion project, I sacrificed my personal life, failed thousands of times, and tried everything I could to see my vision come true. I contacted and tested manufacturers one-by-one to find the best suppliers and researched dozens of online services to help me create an online store from scratch.

Best Personalized Gift Store - ASDF Print - Working Hard

It was tough, but eventually, I built the online store you see today and formed a small team of professionals across the world to help me maintain it. Just like that, ASDF Print was born.

Then I waited for people to find me.

It didn’t happen immediately, but the first moment one of our customers sent me a review with a photo of their Personalized Cat-Face Hoodie saying, “Love the hoodie!”, I was overjoyed. My business idea worked, and people actually liked their Custom Gifts!

Best Personalized Gift Store - ASDF Print - Customer Review

Posted by Jay Kovitz on Thursday, July 25, 2019

Today, we have hundreds of Customer Reviews from both customers and Third-Party Sites to prove our quality!

So, How Are Things Going?

At the time of writing this message to you, I couldn’t be happier to say that we’re receiving orders from across the world every day! Our business is only getting better and better, all thanks to your love and support.

So, thank you to everyone! From the bottom of my heart (and from everyone else who worked to make ASDF Print happen), I truly appreciate you.

Best Personalized Gift Store - ASDF Print - Thank you

What Are ASDF Print’s Values?

Our number one goal is to give customers the best Personalized Gifts available on the internet. We’re constantly on the hunt for the funniest ideas on the internet that we can turn into new Custom-Made Items, and we’re always finding exceptional manufacturers to ensure our products remain high-quality.