About us

😊Hi, this is Danny the founder of ASDF PRINT. 
🔥We came up with this Personalization-Product idea in early 2019. We worked day and night, we worked like crazy, to make things work (no kidding at all, we sacrificed our personal life, worked over 16 hours every day, failed like thousands of times, tried everything we can to make things work🤪😭😢). 
😂Now, at the time of writing this message to you, we get a lot of orders from all over the world every day. Now things are getting better and better!! Thank you, guys!! Really appreciated!! 
😻We will make our website the Greatest Personalization Store in the entire universe. Stay tuned!! We are going to work harder to add more awesome products to our store🐶

🙏And please do us a favor. If you received your package and like your item, please leave a review with nice photos here (comment on this post). It will help our new visitors know more about the product details.

😗If you don't like your item, please contact us by messaging us or send email to info@asdfprint.com. Tell us why you don't like the item. We will improve ourselves and make it correct.



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