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Personalized Face Photo Snap Phone Case

 Made in & shipped from USA
Make your own unique design!

🤔How it works?
Step 1: 
Choose a Face Number, Background, and Size from the drop-down menus above.
Step 2: 
Upload a Photo/Image of a face or an object you want to print (our design team will work hard to get a perfect cutout of the face/object from your uploaded photo/image).
Step 3: 
Complete your order.
Step 4: 
We will send you Preview Image(s) by email to let you know how it looks like on a real item (1-2 days after purchase).
★We can print Max 3 Faces on this item.
★If you have any requests, please let us know. We will make it right for you.
★If your Photo/Image quality is not good enough, we will inform you by email. But don't worry, we have really good printers, so a normal photo taken by a normal smartphone is good enough to produce.

✔Super slim phone case. Made from hardened polycarbonate.
✔Sealed with a high gloss finish that helps protect and enrich the printed design.
✔22+ phone models supported!

Shipping Note (Made in & shipped from USA)
✔Please provide your Real Name because sometimes delivery failures occur when our customers use their nicknames.
✔Please provide your phone number to prevent delivery failure.

✔We ship worldwide!
✔This is a Made to Order Item. The production starts as soon as your order is placed.
✔Image adjustment: 1-2 Days
✔Production Time : 2-4 Working Days
✔Delivery Time USA: 5-7 Working Days
✔Delivery Time International: 7-15 Working Days
✔You will receive your tracking number once we shipped the package

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